Toufi Saliba, CEO of PrivacyShell, Chair ACM
Toufi Saliba,ACM Chair PB CC & CEO PrivacyShell

“The heart of every autonomous AI is a Decentralized Blockchain.” – Toufi Saliba, ACM Chair PB CC & CEO PrivacyShell.

AiDecentralized is building a future ecosystem whose foundation stems from the convergence of AI and Blockchain technologies. Pioneering the convergence of AI + Blockchain, AiDecentralized wants to create a global community of scientists, researchers, engineers, and solution developers to work together towards building trusted systems on native environments for current industries and disruptive technology. 


AI and Blockchain practitioners will meet up in Toronto on July 31st, 2017 – to create a common ground for the direction and advancement of a new way of thinking.  To attend, please RSVP.